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Learning Objectives:
Transracial Parenting’s Race and Parenting training workshop is taught as a two-hour, facilitator-led program designed to help a general audience learn together in new and productive ways. Participants discover how to understand how diversity affects all aspects of our lives and in particular, parenting and educating children, then actively seek out and leverage differences in order to achieve better, sustained living. After attending the training, participants will be able to: 1) define diversity; 2) understand the importance of diversity awareness in parenting and educating children; 3) adjust to changing demographics; 4) challenge unproductive beliefs and stereotypes; 5) lead and work effectively with diverse teams.

The Race and Parenting workshop offers ten tools to add to the parenting toolkit to raise children who are not only aware, but also in collision with institutional racism. Although the tools are aimed at parenting and educators, every adult regardless if they are a parent interacts with children in their lives and at that intersection there is an opportunity to act as a change agent. These tools are for everyone.

Brief Bio of Presenter:
Rachel Dangermond
is a writer, speaker and facilitator on the subject of race and parenting. For a decade, Dangermond has blogged using primary observations, secondary research, social reality and community to speak to an audience about self-actualization. As a white and proud parent, after adopting her African American son in 2009, Dangermond created Transracial Parenting (, a provocative discussion about race and parenting, as an online resource for parents to bring mindfulness to the powerful role we play in our children’s lives and to offer tools so we can be the change we hope to see in their world. The website has grown to include social media, workshops and a book project.

Dangermond helped build a $40 million company, OTR Global, which is the largest independent research firm on Wall Street uncovering truth in the global marketplace. In addition to writing and research, Dangermond facilitated workshops, spoke at conferences on industry trends, and was recognized by Institutional Investor magazine for leading research on Global Media. In 2011, Dangermond then formed her own company, Greenlight Global Research, Inc. to consult on research, marketing and development in order to identify long-term business strategies.



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