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Tuesday is the least racist day of the week

Baratunde Thurston, who wrote How to Be Black, says, “Tuesday is the least racist day of the week in terms of purchasing patterns.” He is also the co-founder of Cultivated Wit, which has come out with an App to map racism – it’s called, drum roll, the Location-Based Racism App.

Yes folks, you can now map racism.

From Cultivated Wit’s website:

Location-Based Racism

Find Racism Right Where You Are!


Sure, Foursquare and Yelp are great for finding artisanal bacon retailers, hamster-whispering veterinarians, and doctors that don’t accept your insurance. But you know what else they help you discover? Racism. Right where you are.Submit your own entries for possible inclusion. Terms and conditions here.



“You can’t end racism and make homophobia worse.” That’s what TV-star W. Kamau Bell said when he was interviewed in the book “How To Be Black.” Also, racism and recycling have nothing to do with one another!

During the Civil Rights Movement, people took bold action against discrimination, staging sit-ins, takeovers, and boycotts. This person clearly hates racism, but loves this bar, and so has suggested a time-based protest. You can have your gay bar and fight racism at the same damn time.

* * * *

Yep, that’s right, as someone who is committed to fighting racism, it’s comforting to know that what humans have yet to accomplish, technology might.

We can expose racism where it lurks. We have the technology. 

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July 3, 2013 - 8:17 pm

Daniel - Agibean- I also don’t like how the new name change makes the puoprse of the site less explicit.I feel like people might come here and start commenting away without understanding like our house rules. I know that Tami has been very on top of this, with the new moderation policy and everything. Which is great, and much appreciated.I doubt many people find this site through a google search for anti-racist parent though. So that is not a huge concern of mine.Another thing that kind of bugs me is that I KNOW I took the survey, AND (although I am kicking myself for it now) I am pretty sure that probably my only negative comment about ARP was that it seemed to have too much of a focus on transracial adoption, and we are not all white adoptive parents. So, clearly, there were several people who made comments like that. And this has been used as a justification for the name change, BUT I am kind of confused as to how this step away from openly acknowledging racism reflects the diversity of the parents who visit this site.I have noticed fewer articles about adoption here.And to be fair, we are probably a tough audience although I don’t really feel vehement about this, just opinionated.

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