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The debt we owe and the karma we sow

This is an open letter to each Republican who voted to reduce Food Stamps this week.

Dear Republican:

I understand that you have voted to cut Food Stamps by $40 Billion.

I’m curious. Are you a fan of Albert Einstein? Then perhaps you are familiar with the fact that he was a crusader for human rights in this country while your forefathers were sanctioning Jim Crow and complicit in the oppression of people of color. In 1940, Einstein wrote – “As for the Negroes this country still has a heavy debt to discharge for all the troubles and disabilities it has laid on the Negro’s shoulders; for all that his fellow-citizens have done and to some extent are still doing to him. To the Negro and his wonderful songs and choirs we owe the finest contribution in the realm of art which America has so far given to the world. And this great gift we owe, not to those whose names are engraved on this ‘Wall of Fame’ but to children of the people, blossoming namelessly as the lilies of the field.”

How do you feel about what he said? Do think Einstein was correct in his assessment that we have a debt to pay to the African Americans who built the wealth of this nation including your wealth?

If you were able to vote to reduce Food Stamps when 22% of the children in this country are living below the poverty line and do not have enough food to eat and you can unconsciously sit in your easy chair in your house with the manicured lawn and think that Welfare is just for poor Blacks of which you have nothing in common, or no debt to pay, the Divine has something to tell you and it was said through Ghandi:

“Seven Deadly Sins

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.”

~ Mahatma Ghandi

Gandhi Pencil Drawing

Any child who is poor deserves our support. There are more white children living below the poverty line in this country than children of color – I say this because I do believe it is a racist act that you committed when you voted to decimate the Food Stamp program, not because it matters what color skin a poor child has.

By Rachel Dangermond

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