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The Black History Month Challenge

See how many you can list and better yet, every day of February, explain one of these hashtags to your children [or follow us on Twitter as we keep it close to home and tell you who in New Orleans fits the challenge number]:



1. #inventor
Percy Lavon Julian – first African American to receive doctorate in chemistry. Invented a technique to isolate from soybean oil certain hormones.

2. #leader
Mary McLeod Bethune – educator, founder of Bethune-Cookman College, led voter registration drives, headed NACW, founded NCNW.

3. #innovator
Thomas Jennings, first Black to receive a patent for an invention – a dry cleaning process.

4. #author
James Baldwin

5. #revolutionary
Angela Davis

6. #athlete
Jesse Owens

7. #musician
Louis Armstrong

8. #politician
Malcolm X

9. #actor
SIdney Poitier

10. #actress
Abbey Lincoln

11. #united

12. #poet
Langston Hughes

13. #activist
Oretha Castle Haley

14. #entrepreneur
John H. Johnson – publisher of Ebony and JET

15. #4LittleGirls [plus one]
Addie Mae Collins (age 14), Denise McNair (age 11), Carole Robertson (age 14), and Cynthia Wesley (age 14) all died – and injured Sarah Collins Rudolph.

16. #Buffalosoldiers
Private John Randall of Troop G of the 10th Cavalry Regiment

17. #tuskegeeairmen
Tuskegee Army Air Field first commanded by Major James Ellison

18. #peace
Ralph J. Bunche, Nobel Peace Prize 1950

19. #thedivinenine
The founding members of the NPHC were Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and Zeta Phi Beta. The council’s membership expanded as Alpha Phi Alpha (1931), Phi Beta Sigma (1931), Sigma Gamma Rho (1937), and Iota Phi Theta (1997)

20. #blackwallstreet
Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma

21. #EmmitTill
During the time of the Great Migration, Mamie Till sent her 14 year old son to visit his uncle in Mississippi where he was brutally killed for allegedly speaking to a white woman.

22. #theblackpanthers
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale formed an organization to protect black neighborhoods from police brutality

23. #Jimcrow
Legal segregation between 1876 and 1965.

24. #harlemrenaissance
W.E.B. DuBois, NAACP, Black middle class expression

25. #comedian
Whoopi Goldberg

26. #dream
Dr. King put aside his prepared remarks and extemporaneously delved into the “dream” section of the speech after his friend Mahalia Jackson shouted out to him: “Tell ’em about the dream, Martin.”

27. #africanproverbs
If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for something.

28. #newleaders
Ben Jealous NAACP, Shujaa Graham, Nathson Fields and Delbert Tibbs of the organization Witness to Innocence, Harry Belafonte leader in social responsibility,

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