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Soccer Dads

Today, I had a choice of showing up for Tin’s first soccer game on time or getting him home and geared up and then be very late for soccer. I chose the former – which meant he didn’t have a ball and the coach said he couldn’t play because he had no shin guards. A mother got him her spare ball out of her car, and a dad came over and said his older son had just finished a game, he took off his son’s shin guards and removed Tin’s shoes, socks, and rolled up his pants, and put on the shin guards and replaced everything else – he did it with such love and care that it almost made me teary eyed.

Then his son kicked Tin’s ass on the soccer field.

AND when Tin scored a goal, he cheered out loud for him, too.

You gotta love dads – they are simply the best and like this ad below says, the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child’s life. 


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