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Rest in Peace Trayvon Martin

I was sitting at Casa Borrega, in the back courtyard, waiting for friends when they arrived and said that George Zimmerman had been found not guilty. And there it sat – the stone in my stomach that had wedged itself there since the trial began. I thought about my son like every mother of a black son must have and felt a sadness almost to the point of annihilation wash over me.

I pray for comfort for Trayvon Martin’s family but more than for them – I wish for peace for this whole country – a country that would elect an all white jury to decide whether George Zimmerman carrying a gun was guilty of killing a kid walking home from the store with a bag of Skittles and a cold drink who he shot in cold blood. A boy, a kid, on his way home from the store.

While my brother sits in prison for his white collar crimes – years have gone by with no end in sight – and yet George Zimmerman will be free tonight – to celebrate with his family – to begin his life again – and Trayvon Martin’s family – his mother – will go home with a nightmare that never ends.

Like Obama said at the onset – it could have been my son.

God rest Trayvon Martin’s soul – God heal our country.


By Rachel Dangermond

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