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Rachel Dangermond


December 2009

About – Rachel Dangermond –

I have written a blog since 2004 to capture my own experience as it reveals a woman’s self actualization. The topic is broad and through my writing there I have explored aging, relationships, families, dying parents, race, place, along with all other topics that roll into one woman’s lifetime.

Then my life changed on December 7, 2009, when I met my son in Gary, Indiana. It was seven days after my mother had passed, and months after I had turned 50 that I received the phone call about a nine-month old boy who needed to be adopted. Then there we were in 14 degrees, him and me, locked in a stare that has never faltered. I’ve had many epiphanies in my life, but none so profound as looking into my son’s eyes for the first time. I knew why heaven and hell had brought me to that moment. I knew with a certainty I have not known with anything else in my life.

And this is where the story starts, with Tin. Or perhaps right before Tin, as I set out on the road to adoption and it became very clear that for an older mother, I would have more luck adopting a child of color. There was never a question that I wanted a child, of any color, but what became very apparent is parenting would have to go further and encompass a lot more than what I had envisioned. The act (or art) of raising Tin has grown steadily more complex, richer, more colorful, more nuanced than anything I have ever imagined and has opened up my world considerably.

While I have been a writer all my life, as an investigative journalist for Wall Street, as a project developer for conservation, as a marketer for design firms, this blog is more than my writing, it’s the beginning of a collaboration with readers, friends, family and other writers to push the envelopes of racism and make the world a better place for my son and future generations.

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July 24, 2013 - 11:04 pm

Torrie - I never tire of this story! Always reminds me that patience is a much rewarded virtue…as always my best to you and Tin!

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