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Carl Sandburg wrote about mobs in Always The Mob – here is an excerpt:

The mob? A typhoon tearing loose an island from thousand-year moorings and bastions, shooting a volcanic ash with a fire tongue that licks up cities and peoples. Layers of worms eating rocks and forming loam and valley floors for potatoes, wheat, watermelons.

The mob? A jag of lightning, a geyser, a gravel mass loosening…

The mob … kills or builds … the mob is Attila or Ghengis Khan, the mob is Napoleon, Lincoln.

I am born in the mob—I die in the mob—the same goes for you—I don’t care who you are.

I cross the sheets of fire in No Man’s land for you, my brother—I slip a steel tooth into your throat, you my brother—I die for you and I kill you—It is a twisted and gnarled thing, a crimson wool:
One more arch of stars,
In the night of our mist,
In the night of our tears.

In light of recent events – [if your head has been in the sand, I’m talking about the killing of young men – Michael Brown and Eric Garner] – I need a support group. I  already named it M.O.B.S.


I cannot make sense of what is happening in the world, of what happened to the Michael Brown defense, nor will I even try to imagine what happened to the Eric Garner defense, but it appears as if it doesn’t really matter what the defense was because as a friend informed me, this was a prosecutorial fail. What can I do? I asked her because my friend is the leading anti-death penalty attorney in the country, she is working tirelessly in Guantanamo to end the sham of fair trials, and so she knows a little something about these things.

She said you vote, that’s what you do, you vote for the District Attorney, because in each of these cases, it was in the hands of the D.A. and in each case, the D.A. failed to bring justice.

What could we do here in New Orleans to make sure this doesn’t happen here, again? She told me we need a Citizens Review Committee like most major cities have in place to review police actions. As corrupt as our police department has been, this seems like one step in the right direction. She also said that we need a Racial Justice Act like the one that was passed in  North Carolina, that sadly was recently voted out after the state became a three-part red state.

I told her about the NOLA for Life symposium on crime the mayor’s office is holding this Monday and Tuesday. I told her I am working with a group on race reconciliation and we met to discuss recent events. I said I am writing a book to help white parents of white children parent through an anti-racist lens.

My friend stared at me with that penetrating gaze she has and said, “It must be tough being the mother of a Black son.”

A fog had descended on the bayou, everything around us seemed held in a suspended dreamlike state, I heard a door open and close, a car drive by, a dog bark, and I looked at her through tears and said, “It is fucking frightening.”

As for my support group – please join me – here are the tenets:

MOBS will not let injustice stand

MOBS will work for social justice

MOBS will use our talents and gifts to lift us ALL up

MOBS WILL NOT GIVE UP until Black boys are held in all their light and glory.

Most importantly, MOBS don’t bow down.





December 11, 2014 - 2:02 am

Rachel Dangermond - The Kwanzaa ProjectDec 7, 2014+1

What we are seeing is a bunch of sad goings on. None of this will end well. 

Transracial ParentingDec 7, 2014
+The Kwanzaa Project we elected Bill Cassidy to the senate in Louisiana – it’s bleak but a friend who has been politically in the know for a long time said today, “it’s got to get worse to get better” and so that’s where we are right now. My father always said “it’s the darkest before dawn” – so I’m going with this one. 
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The Kwanzaa ProjectDec 8, 2014
I agree. It is sad to see that people needed to wait until it got worse to begin protesting. Even more sad is the lack of self examination that needs to be done to admit there is a problem. My question to everyone who has been outraged about what they consider a new situation, the targeting of African Americans via law enforcement, “Did you vote?” Often that question is followed by silence and change of subject.
It is my position that voting coupled with a TARGETED BOYCOTT gets people’s attention. But to do either thing, one must not be in a delusional state, something I find many suffer from right now.
I saw “Hunger Games” last week. One line people have adopted from the movie is very interesting in it’s public timing: If we burn, you burn…
People need to heed that warning. It is a warning to all of us. We must be our brother’s keeper and our brother must be engaged in the same.
An alcoholic that ADMITS he is an alcoholic will start to get better just by that admission. WE as a nation must admit one both sides that racism and it’s damage still exists and THEN we can begin the process of fixing the problem. Otherwise, your son and my sons will have to endure warning their sons about being careful of racists around them. You and I have had to answer difficult questions posed by our sons, we must somehow make it so we don’t have to do it anymore, because the problem doesn’t exist.
The way to do that is to make an economic and spiritual impact to this problem. I wonder when the majority of us who like here will get that lesson…..
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The Kwanzaa ProjectDec 8, 2014+1
One more note: You would be surprised how many people don’t know the name of the originator of that quote “Each One Teach One”. When I look up Alma John in google, very little reference is made to the quote “If you know teach, if you don’t know learn, each one teach one, each one reach one.” Thank you for bringing light back to the nation with that phrase. It has guided my life as I believe it has yours!
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Transracial ParentingDec 8, 2014+1
They won’t even admit that the boycott is working – +The Kwanzaa Project

I saw this same thing with the 2005 Federal Flood – THEY WERE NOWHERE WHEN YOU NEEDED THEM – but ordinary people were moved by the spirit of community – we need to focus on community building to get those to vote for us, and not against us. What just happened in Louisiana is hard to swallow.
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Transracial ParentingDec 8, 2014+1
did you see this +The Kwanzaa Project –

The Kwanzaa ProjectDec 8, 2014
No I hadn’t. Thank you! I needed that today. A couple of sad incidents happened today. I cannot speak about one publicly yet. It is still playing out. But another I can. One of my students was run down by a hit and run driver today. She has lost feeling in her leg. We are waiting to find out her status. This is a child who spends most of her day with a smile on her face. She is a singer, dancer, actor and today got a callback from Disney to do work with them. She missed that callback today. Today she fights for her body’s wholeness. Just because whoever hit her is a coward. Your link helped today. Thanks so much!
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Transracial ParentingYesterday 9:56 AM+1
Oh dear, that is horrible. I am sending you positive vibrations for her to heal and be whole very soon. I feel that we are in a bad place but my father always said it is the darkest before the sun comes up.

Please let me know how the girl is doing and I pray she not miss an opportunity because of her leg. 
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The Kwanzaa ProjectYesterday 7:25 PM
An update: She was able to move her toes today and while the swelling is so severe that she does not have feeling in the rest of her leg yet, the toe movement is encouraging. We are still looking for the coward that did this to her. Thank you so much for your prayers. This is a young lady who deserves them!
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Transracial ParentingYesterday 11:00 PM
My prayers are still being sent. Today while my son was home for the second day from school with a fever, an ambulance arrived and my neighbors son was having a seizure – the entire block came out as the parents were on their knees in the street praying for their son – he is fine, he had a seizure due to a fever, but we all were shell shocked. I can imagine how her family is doing right now and hope they have the comfort and love that is needed to get through something like this. 
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The Kwanzaa Project6:09 PM
Wow! what a week. That fever must have been very high. Well this is a tough girl. She tried to walk downstairs, fractures, swelling and all this morning. I am glad to have heard that because that means there is definitive hope for full recovery. She must go back in to the doctors when the swelling goes down enough. It is a sign of how bad our healthcare system is broken that she is even home. But non the less, at least she is in high spirits.
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Transracial Parenting7:58 PM
The paramedics said it was normal for a child to have seizures when they have fever and are young – “normal for who?” – anyway, I’m so glad to hear your young friend is on the mend. Sending love and healing vibes her way.

December 6, 2014 - 10:14 pm

Rachel - Thanks Graciela – I appreciate your taking the time to comment. And certainly appreciate the share. #wewontbowdown.

Love, Rachel

December 6, 2014 - 9:51 pm

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato - Fantastic, powerful piece. Thank you. Sharing widely.

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