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Keeping the Faith in the New Year

Joyous last day of Kwanzaa and first day of the new year 2014!

Today’s Kwanzaa principle is Imani (Faith) and what a great principle to begin the New Year on. As I’ve said, we have been enjoying Kwanzaa very much here in our community and are already thinking of ways to add to our celebration next year AND also how to practice the principles of Kwanzaa year round.

For yesterday’s principle Kuumba (Creativity) I found myself in the kitchen preparing a Kosher Soul Food feast with a new friend I met in Israel through Facebook (the folks I’ve met online have enriched my life, which is the one and only reason social networking in the new year will continue). She asked at the end of our four plus hours to describe what Kosher Soul Food means to me and I said “Soul Food is something you know, with your soul.”

Late yesterday afternoon, the food I had created brought together friends I cherish to share my table – the truest blessing I know – and after we were done and I crawled into bed dog-tired as the city went wild with fireworks that sounded like bombs, I fell asleep knowing I’d wake to reinvigorate my Purpose (Nia – the 5th Principle of Kwanzaa) because my motivation is rooted in my Faith (Imani) that today, tomorrow and all year, step by step, we as parents and community can bring awareness to the damage racism causes children of all skin colors.

Happy New Year and Joyous Kwanzaa to you all!


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