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Kansas Shooter Mistakes Christian for Jew

Yesterday, I took my son to a chocolate seder at Shir Chadash. It was his introduction to the seder we will be hosting this year. This year, I’ve made a conscious effort to bring Tin into Judaism, to teach him what my parents taught me that is boiled down to one sentence from the Torah – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Yesterday, while we were eating way too much chocolate and learning the Passover songs, another father brought his son to a Kansas Jewish Community Center to audition for a play. They were both gunned down by a white supremacist who most likely believed they were Jews.

Passover begins this evening with the first seder. It is the story about how the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt because the Pharaoh saw the Jewish people multiplying and he feared they would rise up and take power. It is the story of oppression and liberation. We are going to talk about slavery at our seder. We are also going to talk about freedom.

My heart is with the wife and mother of the man and his son who were shot down for being Jewish who were actually Christian.

An interfaith crowd gathered to grieve – the cantor chanted a Hebrew prayer – yesterday at Unity Church I listened to a man chant an ancient Hawaiian song of one love – he was called by his ancestors to spread a message of peace – the Kansas City shooter mistook a Christian for a Jew – at the end of the day – a Muslim is a Jew is a Christian is a Hindu is a man is a woman is a child is one.


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