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Darrin Wilson Not Charged

When I woke up this morning, a 12 year old boy [Tamir Rice] was shot for sporting a toy gun. Later this evening, I went to a school meeting and the kids were all playing through the house, one with a toy gun, as the adults tried to meet about raising funds for a playground. The school is getting built post Katrina, but there are no funds for a playground, so mothers and fathers, tired from jobs that never end, met in a house to discuss how to raise funds to have a playground.

Before I go to bed, I learned that Darrin Wilson is not charged with murdering Michael Brown – again, this feels like Travyon Martin – who is watching, who is registering, who is taking names?

Right now, I’m sick. I think of what Black Girl Dangerous said a while back when she warned white mothers of Black mothers losing empathy – if you keep not recognizing the violence against our young Black sons, one day when your white children are mowed down by a derelict white school shooter, mothers of Black sons might look on your tragedy with the same lack of empathy.


Why was today bookended by children getting killed – why?


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