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#BringBackOurGirls Rally in New Orleans

Nigeria is what it is because its leaders are not what they should be.
~ Chinua Achebe

This Mother’s Day, Transracial Parenting was a community partner with sponsors Sistaworks and Congo Square Preservation Society in a rally to bring together those concerned about the kidnapped Nigerian girls in peace and prayer. We had a Yoruba priestess offer prayers and libations, we had a Unitarian minister offer a prayer, we had a Christian prayer, someone read Malala’s letter to her Nigerian sisters, we had spoken word and we spoke our words (listen to Asia Raney’s video below). We danced, we cried, we joined hands, we closed our eyes and opened our hearts.

We called the girls home.

My son’s godparents asked if they could watch Tin so that I could go to the rally in peace and I said no, Tin needs to be there. He needs to see what people do in the face of crisis, when they feel helpless on the sidelines, and when they feel so much empathy that they might burst. He needs to learn how to be a helper, as Mr. Roger’s said:


The one and only Asia Raney:

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