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Boys who won’t become Men

I came home from a Steiner study group that I’m in and we are reading Education as a Force for Social Change. There is one passage where Steiner speaks about humanity and how economics are based on competition instead of cooperation and he says this can change. It can? I found this part of Lecture #3 to have a Pollyanna ring to it. How can it change? It changes when we all change. It’s too simple or is it?

The first email I saw was that one more young African American man was gunned down in the streets of New Orleans. One more young man that won’t become a man here, that won’t marry another here and won’t have a child here and won’t be here to help change the world. I read this after putting the covers on my sleeping child.

We cannot afford to lose another young African American boy not yet to be a man in New Orleans. We cannot. And yet, I don’t know what to do. I want my child to learn to navigate racism, but fundamentally I want my child to grow up safe. Here? Where? My almost four year old keeps telling me he is moving to New York. Will that keep him safe? Maybe. But what about all of these young men who New Orleans needs who won’t be safe?

We need a revolution. Revolution. We need men who help boys become men. Not one is expendable – everyone one of us don’t know what our purpose is yet.

by Rachel Dangermond

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