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Blended families – Romney’s answer to racism?

Lee Mun Wah said he asked a group whether racism would end in their lifetime and 80% said no and 20% said it would happen only if people adopted children of color.

Today celebrities are adopting black, brown and multiethnic children and today, god help us all, Mitt Romney’s son has adopted an African American baby boy.

Wow, today I hear this at the same time I get news that the Republican party has voted to take $50 million out of Welfare. Clueless is only a mild word for what I feel about Romney and his political party.

My wish is that this little Romney boy be the change, we would like to see in the world. I hope Black baby Romney brings to the family table the wisdom of the ages, but that’s a tall order for a tiny baby and why is it that people of color are always having educate the white folks?

My good and older friend said it has become all the rage at her church these days to adopt black babies. Their pastor has adopted from Somalia and now two other families are about to adopt as well. All they talk about is one world, one love at her church these days but I hope they talk about racism.

Adopting a child is a beautiful thing, but mindlessly bringing a child from a different background into your family without educating yourself and your other family members leads to a life of identity crisis for the child. Cultural erasing is a disservice to any adoptive or foster child, and given our history in this country, in particular black babies. So Romney family please learn history, talk about history, learn compassion, enter the world of people of color and sit with the discomfort that you are going to feel being white and privileged in America.

Cultural identity is a gift adoptive parents have to offer their child. The child’s culture is a gift to the family.

Mitt Romney – your grandson is not, I repeat, is not white, please don’t act like he is.



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